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Things I'd tell my younger self

Hiiii! So I've seen this kind of post knocking around for some time now, and thought I'd do it myself. The other night, I couldn't sleep and ended up scrolling through all of my old Facebook albums dating back to when I was about 14-15. Seeing some of the people who aren't in my life anymore, some of the situations I could have probably stayed out of, they are what have inspired this post. I'm writing these things to 15-22 year old me, so this is going through the second half of secondary school all the way through uni.

DUMP HIM - he's only going to keep hurting you. I was on-and-off with the same guy for about 4-5 years, yes there were other guys in between but I always ended up being manipulated back into the same old situation. For God's sake Alice, listen to the girls and leave him - it doesn't get better, he doesn't change, he keeps cheating on you, so just leave.You're not fat - looking back at these photos when I was in school, I re…

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